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Dive into the pulsating universe of Virus Infinite. Harness your logic to outsmart vibrant viruses, using color-matching prowess and Power Pill strategy in this captivating sci-fi puzzle game.


Engaging Gameplay

Simple yet strategic, Virus Infinite’s gameplay invites you in with color-matching basics but challenges you with energy bar management and Power Pill deployment. It’s the perfect balance of ease and complexity to keep you hooked.

The Power Pill

Destroy viruses, gain energy, and unleash the Power Pill for a satisfying game-play twist. This unique mechanic adds an exciting layer of strategy, transforming a challenging situation into a triumphant comeback.

Immersive Atmosphere

Engross yourself in the game’s ambient music and sci-fi-themed visuals. Virus Infinite offers not just a gaming experience, but a journey into a universe that’s as relaxing as it is thrilling.

Fact Sheet

Developer: Sky World Games

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 5

Release Date: Early access – 26th July 2023

Full Game Release: Early 2024

Platforms: PC, Android

Price: 14,99$

Stores: Steam, Epic Games Store, Google Play,

Language: English

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Our game is designed for the community, so we highly value our players’ feedback. We invite everyone to join our Discord server or participate in the Steam forums to suggest new features and ideas. We’re open to dialogue and look forward to working together to make Virus Infinite the best it can be.

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Kamil Gronek

Co-Founder, CEO

In Short

Delve into Virus Infinite, a captivating sci-fi puzzle game where you strategically eradicate viruses by matching colors, fueling your energy bar for the ultimate weapon while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere and immersive soundtrack.

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