About me

I’m Kamil – passionate, professional Unreal Engine 4/5 programer for more than 5 years. Enthusiast in playing video games, with high analytical and logical thinking skills. Ambitious and quick learner, experienced in various fields (mathematics, management, music, foreign languages).


Discord: sitiana

E-mail: kamil.gronek@skyworldgames.com

My main Unreal Engine abilities:

⚪ strong blueprints scripting

⚪ strong C++ programming

⚪ code game logic and mechanics

⚪ create complex AI behaviour, EQS

⚪ multiplayer/replication

⚪ implement animations (create complete animation blueprints for characters)

⚪ VFX – deep knowledge of cascade and Niagara particle system creators

⚪ create VR games

⚪ create mobile games

⚪ create sequences and cutscenes

⚪ sound implementation

⚪ create complex widgets/UI

⚪ JSON operations and HTML requests


⚪ Editor Utilities

Implementing third party services like:

⚪ Steamworks (I can setup SDK in project and the whole Steam store)

⚪ Epic Games Store

⚪ Nakama (open source gameplay services backend like PlayFab)

⚪ AI tools

⚪ Chat GPT, InWorld AI, Metahuman SDK


Other useful skills:

⚪ creating batch scripts (to compile, build, upload project)

⚪ strong mathematics knowledge

⚪ music background

⚪ Godot Engine

⚪ management degree

⚪ Source Control

⚪ Git, Perforce

⚪ Management Tools

⚪ Jira, Click Up, Trello, Favro

If you need some smaller works like X hours/week, single feature, or technical project consultations also let me know. If I still have time, I will help you for sure.

In Short

Delve into Virus Infinite, a captivating sci-fi puzzle game where you strategically eradicate viruses by matching colors, fueling your energy bar for the ultimate weapon while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere and immersive soundtrack.

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